July 14, 2011

Vintage Silver Sugar Bowl Bouquet

After a fabulous spring blossom festival in my garden... I have hit a dry spell for cutting flowers. The lilacs were heavenly, the peonies were amazing and now I'm down to potted annuals and just a few flowering perennials.


I do have a few young hydrangea bushes that were just coming into bloom. I could snip a few of the clusters and still leave plenty for enjoyment in the garden, especially if I snip those that face the fence.

I wish I could share the exact name of this hydrangea variety with you, but my golden retrievers have a bad habit of removing all my plastic garden tags. The blooms are not as full as what you typically see, but I like the little buds as they are just coming into bloom. The vintage silver sugar bowl is an estate sale find. It's really big, and the tallest sugar bowl I've ever seen. It reminds me of a trophy!

Typically I like to have a huge bouquet or large candle on this island in my kitchen, but given the size of the floral arrangement I decided to add a candlestick as well. It's something I picked up from Home Goods earlier in the summer. I love shopping at that store; I can always come home with something new to dress up my home for under $20--I think the candlestick was $12.99.

Small touches--a candle here, flowers in vintage vessels there... pretty little things that make my home seem special to me. What do you do to dress up your home? Link it up to my Share the {Blog} Love link party. The link stays live through Saturday!

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