August 2, 2011

Could You Pass These Finds Up? Share the Love Wednesday Link Party!!

I've been shopping {surprise}. I've been to thrift shops and tag sales looking for a dresser for my youngest who is moving to an apartment this fall at school. But sometimes, I see something just too good to pass up. Even it wasn't what I was shopping for. Hello, pretty chair!

I had no clue where I was going to put it. I initially thought the fabric was baby blue--which I wasn't thrilled with. However, the fabric was in great condition and I loved the details. Now that I see the color in my house, it's more of a light gray blue--almost neutral.

The arms have a sweet button twist on top. Then there's the legs... adorable curvy delicate legs. Of course the price was the thing that really sealed the deal--$15!

I forgot to mention... there was two of them! No matter what the color, at $7.50 a chair, I was not leaving them behind. The only deal breaker would have been if they didn't pass the sniff test. I know it sounds strange, but I smell every piece of furniture I am considering. There's nothing worse than getting something home and finding it smells of mildew or cigarette smoke.

That's my fabulous find for the week... for the summer probably! What have you all been up to? Show us what you got... and link up!

Two easy requests... link back to the party as a simple courtesy with one of my buttons or a text link & limit to one link per blog!   If your link has been removed, please re-read  the guidelines before re-posting, or e-mail me with any questions.  Let's party!


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