June 14, 2011

A Golden Garden Mystery & Share the Love Link Party #17!

 The peonies are in their glory in my garden. I have cut a few to bring in the house to enjoy and put them in one of my most recent thrift store finds... this pretty silver plate vase.

There aren't as many blooms as in year's past and I'm not sure of the reason why. Someone told me that you shouldn't cut all the blooms as it will result in fewer for the next year, but I'm not sure if that is true.

Then I began to notice many bare stems... like blossoms were plucked off the tips of them.

And sure enough, I found them.... all over the yard.

Funny how they were picked while they were still in their tight, rounded shape; like little tennis balls almost. And there is someone who loves tennis balls in my house....

Yep, it was Marley. Both of the dogs love to romp in my garden, pulling their favorite weeds to munch, but never have I seen them eat flowers... until now.  Luckily Marley responds well to an "ah-ah" while he's in the middle of doing something and knows that sound means he's doing something he shouldn't. I've only found a few peony balls since then so I'm hoping the attraction has stopped. He is a cute garden pest though, isn't he?

Last week's highlights...


Before we get started on this week's link up, I'd love to spotlight a few links from the last party. If you've been featured on Very Merry Vintage Style... grab a feature button & tell the world!



The first shout-out goes to Nicole at Davis Domestications. She transformed a slightly damaged and previously stained buffet into a beautiful piece of furniture! It is a stunner, and the way that she painted the details in a contrasting color highlights them even more. Check out her whole post and see the finished buffet!

 The combination of raisins and chocolate always appeals to me, so when I saw this post from Joy of Desserts and More I knew I would be copying this recipe down. Don't they look yummy? In that same post she has a link up for vintage inspired recipes so there are lots of reasons to visit her blog!


This next link is another recipe of sorts, for making your own foamy hand soap. I love this stuff and never realized how easy it is to make your own... you won't believe it either; the full recipe is over
at Snowflakes and Dragonflies. 

Lastly, hop over to A Few Pennies to see glimpses of her gorgeous garden. I love how this frame, one of her newest thrifty finds, is set in the garden. I think it was just placed there for a quick photo but I actually think a frame as a garden element could be kind of cool. Wouldn't it be neat to wrap a frame in chicken wire and let it become covered with ivy or morning glories? I would use something more simple for this purpose, this one below is just too pretty to cover up!

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Thanks so much to each of you who linked up last week. I truly enjoy visiting each and every one of you to see what you've been up to! I'm ready for another week of fun, so let's get the party started...

Two easy requests...

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