May 13, 2011

Thrifting Adventures... What I Did Bring Home {Part 2}

I passed up tons of vintage goodies on my recent thrifting weekend I blogged about {read it here}. I did manage to come home with some goodies, most of them pretty small as I already had a van full of my daughter's dorm stuff and a large dog crate holding Marley, one of my golden retrievers.

Many of my purchases ended up on my mantel.  In my last post I mentioned that everything gold in the shops was catching my eye... this was the first gold item I saw. It was a simple metal candle base. Something about the filigree pattern, gold color and the fact that I have a thing for metal bases {remember this post?} made me put this in my cart. Did I mention it was 50 cents?
Then I saw this large brass candlabra and my theme of gold was definitely on a roll! Its very tall and was in great shape and only $3. See how price has influenced these purchases? That, and they were all very easy to fit in the car. I do regret passing on that $25 vintage dresser, but it wouldn't fit in the car! As I've made my way through many thrift and antique shops, flea markets and tag sales, I've realized there will always be another piece of furniture at a great price!

This mirror above was my favorite find that I brought home. It's a beautiful vintage mirror in an engraved gold. frame... for $7. One of the many blogs or decorating magazines that I read... can't remember which one at the moment, had an article that mentioned the beauty of vintage mirrors. They can light up a room through reflection; many times prettier than any painting. The reflection from a light or window is multiplied in their presence.

I love cut glass and crystal. The sparkle and reflection created by the design is so pretty to me. I knew that this little piece would be perfect to hold a small tea light. I think it's actually an egg cup, but the size is perfect for one of these little candles.

I gathered these items and brought some things I already owned, including a sprig of flowers from Hobby Lobby and a Longaberger vase and bowl and one of my pretty Mary planters {a previous thrift store purchase}.

I'm enjoying all the gold and white on this late spring mantel and also the memories these treasures hold from my trip to see my daughters on mother's day weekend.

There were a few more items in the box of goodies I brought home; check back and see them in another post!

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