October 20, 2011

Enjoying the {Halloween} Backyard View

I have a little table on top of my backyard deck. It's a favorite spot to sit and enjoy the yard, but I also enjoy decorating it for the seasons with something simple.

This year it's a clay jack-o-lantern all dressed up with a new coat of paint. It used to be a bronze color, but it became chipped and definitely needed a makeover. I used the same process I use on much of my furniture, a quick sanding on the rough spots, a coat of primer and some ivory paint with tobacco glaze to shab it up a bit. A coat of satin polyurethane should help this new finish withstand the weather.

It's just a simple addition to brighten up my view from the kitchen for Halloween. Do you ever decorate in the back yard?

As usual, Marley is wary of any newcomers, including clay pumpkins!

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