October 25, 2011

Craft Room Inspiration & Share the Love Link Party #35

All the outdoor chores I needed to get done before the winter chill arrives are just about complete. My thoughts have moved inside, ready to fluff my rooms for comfortable evenings at home on a cold night.

One of those rooms to fluff would be my craft room. I sat down last night to create some birthday cards and ended up bringing the supplies into my family room. I have a craft space in the basement of our house. It's really two folding tables from a warehouse club with my craft supplies stored randomly nearby. It's workable... but last night when I was watching the Nate Berkus show on my DVR while working on my cards, I was longing for a warm space on the first floor where the goldens could keep me company and I didn't feel so isolated.

I've begun checking out different craft rooms and storage ideas online and started a board on Pinterest with a few of my finds. While clicking along, I came across a room  planning tool and furniture designed by who else, but Martha Stewart, on HomeDecorators.com

All of this furniture is very pretty, but what I would really like is to integrate the craft storage into my current family room so that I can stay in that first-floor space, enjoy the DVR and the company of my goldens, and still have my craft supplies close at hand.This top room is my favorite. I love the table that holds all the magazine dividers, and it's neighbor with the wrapping paper rolls is pretty awesome too.

I don't really want my space to look like a craft space... so I just need a few elements. A desk of course, a comfortable chair, and then storage. Lots of storage.

I like this furniture, but I was trying to improvise with what I might already have on hand. For instance, the armoire in the picture above... I have an old armoire my sister gave me. It's not quite as big, but it looks right at home in that room and it could store a lot of supplies.

I just gave my daughter a desk I used to have in the entry. That would have been perfect behind a sofa to use as a kind of sofa table/work surface. Instead I'll have to make do with another piece of furniture. Perhaps my farm table from the office {nope, it's too big}or a smaller desk I have used to hold a sewing machine upstairs.This last room would be my ideal design office... at work, but not for home.

Open storage in pretty jars and such is nice for a dedicated craft space, but this wouldn't fly if I was going to use my family room. Is it possible to have a space to craft that also functions as a family room? Not sure.. but you can bet I am going to try!

Here's my favorite links from last week...

Wigs are often the most expensive part of a Halloween costume, but you can make your own Jack Sparrow hair... the tutorial is here on A Couple of Craft Addicts!

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I just can't resist these pictures of kids ready for the big day... This Hulk costume is fabulous, and you can tell this little guy feels the same way! See how the costume came together over at The Sasse Life!

This last link is not Halloween related at all... but the colors of the creation are true to autumn and the words are most definitely the star. Check out this post over at Bonita Rose to see her beautiful collage but most importantly, read the message she shares.

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