March 14, 2011

Glitter Shakers {Add Sparkle in Style} Part 1

What's better than glitter? Glitter in pretty containers! Vintage salt and pepper shakers are the perfect solution to store  your sparkle. I look for clear glass bottoms {or crystal if I get lucky}, and prefer silver tops. The pair of red ones was so inexpensive I couldn't resist them and I did need a few more containers.

There are two large ones in this week's bundle which I love--especially the big round one. It's also the most intricate shaker, I believe it might be crystal... sure is heavy enough!

I also have to make sure that the holes in the tops are big enough so that glitter will shake through easily. I found some great deals on shakers recently and these are ready to be cleaned and filled.

I'll start the cleaning process with a vinegar, baking soda and hot water bath for them. A few hours soaking in this mixture should help loosen the scale and debris inside. If you try this, be prepared for an initial fizz of the vinegar and baking soda combo. When they come in contact with each other there will be foaming over the top! I'll get my bottle brush out next and try to get them really clean. I have also used denture cleaning tablets (the cheapest brand works fine) but I am out of those at the moment.

I can't decide if I will leave the tops shabby or shine them up. Hopefully I'll have some filled with bling to show you later in the week on Part 2 of this post

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