February 22, 2011

Candy Box to Jewel Box Upcycle & Share the Love Link Party #2!

The box of chocolate my husband gave me is empty. My vintage Valentine candy boxes are packed away. However, the candy box packaging lives on; repurposed in a beautiful way...

That pretty gold candy box liner holds other treasures now.

The treasures I've dropped in to replace the chocolates are bits and bobs of old and new, many not worth much to a jeweler's eye. All these sparkly sweets have memories for me. A tag sale enjoyed while on vacation, a gift from a friend, a thrift shop find and the most precious, sparkles I've received from my husband and my mother.

Even though I don't wear these pretties every day, I love how I can enjoy their collective beauty on my dressing table.

This pretty vintage-framed painting adds to the vignette. I can't decide if I like the painting more or the frame itself. A necklace gets draped along the top to keep it from tangle free.

Some of the jewelry doesn't fit in the little candy sections, but that's okay.  I like it spilling over the edge into another compartment, the contrast of the vintage pearls and shiny stones.  I added some tarnished silver to catch the overflow.

It's a fun way to repurpose my heart-shaped Valentine candy box, and enjoy the collective bling and sweet memories every day. Thanks to Danny Seo for inspiring this post!

My Share the Love on Wednesday link party officially begins tomorrow, and for earlybirds, the link will go live tonight at 5pm CST!

I love link parties... you can see the blogs I link up to on a weekly basis here!

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