January 1, 2011

Finding Beauty in the Melting Snow {Camera by My Side}

The snow is all gone in my neck of the woods, but I did take my camera out during the meltdown. It was actually a beautiful time to walk as long as I avoided the puddles and ice.

With a young dog, especially one full of high energy {my golden, Breeze}, I'm forced to get outside for a daily walk. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to go out, but once I'm there, I never regret it.

For Breeze, it's the highlight of her day. And once I am on the walk, it can be one of the highlights of my day as well. It gives me time to think, and to admire the natural beauty around me.

This is a path near my home that I enjoy on our walks. In the middle of suburbia, it's nice to have a bit of natural beauty just outside my back door.

I really need to remember to take my camera with me more. Not just on the walks, but everywhere.

Do you find yourself out somewhere wishing you had your camera? I do.

Perhaps that will be one creative goal in the new year for me. I already appreciate every moment of beauty I see each day. Now I just have to remember to 1) capture it, and 2) share it.

Have a wonderful new year!

And  yes, Breeze is a Badger fan (thanks to my son). She'll be anxiously awaiting the game {mostly the chance for bits of snacks that might fall}. On Wisconsin!

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