December 30, 2010

Keeping the Holiday Sparkle {Just a Little While Longer}

It's a record this year... the earliest I have ever put away my Christmas decorations. Once I started, I couldn''t really stop. I knew I had to put the vintage Santas away. My kids are right, they can be a little spooky after a while.

I was also ready for the big tree to come down. We have to move the furniture to put it in front of our bay window, and I was ready to get the seating in the room back to normal. But my little white tree, I have kept out. The aqua ornaments and multi-colored lights are off, but I have decided to keep the plain tree up, just for  a bit.

And while the bottle brush trees are being packed away, these little shiny baubles might stay a bit, too.

These tiny red ornaments deserve their own {thrifted} silver bowl. They look like shiny cherries on silver stems.

And this pretty poinsettia that my husband brought home to me one day is still looking good. Not sure if it will continue to bloom for too long but the flowers are pretty for now.

This little silver pedestal stand is sweet and the red bow and little mercury beads in it are still working for me too.

And while the other little trees here and there in my house have been undressed, these little ornaments plucked from them have been piled on a tray have become a centerpiece for another week or so.

These cherry slices can stay, too. Not only are they pretty but they're yummy. They probably won't be around too long. The mercury beads in a pile aren't so bad either.  I'm keeping it simple {now}, just a bit of sparkle and shine here and there. I tend to go over the top in holiday decor and there's only so long I can take the overabundance

The red is cheerful in these quiet days after Christmas. But I'll be honest. I love the sparkle and shine, and I need a little of that everyday. Maybe I can keep a few of these red bits and bobs around. They'll actually look quite sweet with my plans for February vignettes! Pin It!
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