April 29, 2011

Getting Into the Garden {Rain or Shine}

Enough. Rain. I am going out into the garden anyway!

I have planted so many perennials over the years...This Autumn Joy Sedum above is coming in nicely.

My honeysuckle vine is thriving, climbing all over last year's vines and this pretty iron trellis which began as part of a discarded storm door. I am so glad I saved it from the trash pile. I wish I had a few more of them! Can you imagine what an iron trellis like this would cost?

Everything is beginning to bud, little bits of growth everywhere.  When the sunshine and warm weather arrives, my garden is going to explode. The mulch is down, still deep brown and actually a pretty backdrop for the emerging green stems.

The Lady's Mantle in my garden has served me well. I can't tell you how many times I have divided it and planted bits and pieces of it all over my garden. My favorite thing about this plant is the foliage. I now buy perennials for their foliage rather than the flowers it may or may not have. The foliage is there all season, and many perennial blooms come and go. The leaves are really pretty and I love that when it rains all the drops bead up and sparkle. The flowers it will have later are pretty too, a beautiful lime green--rather tiny and airy--which contrast beautifully among the deep red and pink roses it surrounds.

This little ornament I purchased on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby will be used to cover a new annual when I begin to plant them. The bunnies won't be able to nibble. The goldens are another story. One nudge from the nose and it'll be tipped over.

Marley seems content to just check it out. Home Depot has a sale on perennials--3 for $10 so I plan on visiting this weekend and picking up a few additions to my garden.

My helpers {aka Marley and Breeze} will be anxious to see me in the garden more as well. Although Marley loves to be outside every minute of the day watching the birds, chewing sticks, and chasing bunnies, Breeze wants to be by my side. We're all looking forward to the beautiful blooms to come!

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