December 3, 2010

Another {Pink} Vintage Christmas Card

These vintage Christmas card posts have been really popular! Here's another from my collection. You can't really see it in the photo, but there is transparent glass glitter all over the candles and evergreen sprays . I have my cards in a little stand {vintage of course}on my desk and I flip through them for inspiration or just to feel some of that good old fashioned cheer of Christmas past!

The inside card greeting reads, "Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year." The back of the card reads "Pink Candles" from the Coronet Collection, 1482, Made in USA. There's lots of other vintage Christmas cards on my site, click here and here.  Oops... here too!

If you haven't already, link your holiday post to my Very Merry Holiday Home party.

I picked this pretty pink card as it is perfect for Pink Saturday over on  How Sweet the Sound. Extra special thanks to Beverly for featuring me on her site last week. If you like pink, definitely check out her site. Her seasonal web banner is {vintage} gorgeous!

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