October 16, 2010

Little Pink Angel Vintage Christmas Card

This post will be cute, short, and pink.

Vintage Christmas cards just make me swoon... the vibrant colors and sweet faces of the illustrated children and animals.

This one features two of of my favorite characters... an angel and a sweet baby deer {with sweet little spots}.

The inside features two sweet birds perched on a snowy evergreen branch. I love the message... featuring "Christmas Happiness."  Now days you see Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, etc... but never Christmas Happiness.

The back of the card is undated, but labeled with the number 243 and also Norcross, New York.

It may be hard to see on your monitor but the green of the card brightens to the most beautiful color of kelly greenish-blue. Maybe I should take the card to my paint guy at Home Depot and mix up a batch for my next furniture find!

And of course, I can't forget the pink gown on this little angel. Pure pink... it's just so heavenly.  I do believe the only element this card is missing is a little glitter {love glitter}.

Hope you enjoyed this cute, short and pink post in honor of breast cancer awareness month.


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