December 9, 2012

Vintage Christmas Card: Church Aglow

This vintage Christmas card is sprinkled with glitter and touches of metallic gold. I wish those features came through better for you online. It's a gorgeous card and that bright pink window is just so pretty.

I've recently been including the inside message to the blog posts about cards from my collection. The phrases are beautiful and perhaps you can use them in your holiday projects. I hope to go back into my previous posts where I've shared cards with you and add the messages as well.

I've posted the sender's signature for fun... you never know who may come across a relative's card some day. Be forewarned, I'm not parting with any of my cards, even if they were written by your dear grandmother. Each one was collected with care and I've become rather fond of them; just like your grandmother was when she picked them to send!

Inside message:
At this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year,
may you be be blessed with Every happiness.

Rose Marie Bard and boys

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