October 14, 2011

Beauty is on the Inside {Vintage Suitcase}

I have a lot of vintage luggage. As long as I keep finding uses for it (mostly storage), I'll keep picking up pieces if the price is right.

This piece first caught my eye because of the neutral stripe. I have one other case with a similar pattern; it's perfect for fall. It can go anywhere... the color will blend easily in any of my rooms.

It's missing the handle, which is why it was only $5. That, and the dealer I bought it from always is ready to provide great prices. I thought I could replace the handle... or not. I'm perfectly fine with it the way it is if I don't get around to it. I was ready to buy it as is... And then...

I opened it up... and the inside, well.... it's amazing! Absolutely perfect blue silky satin. A diamond in the rough, don't you think?

Every original tag and ribbon are still attached. It is the most intense shade of blue. Pristine and elegant...it's over the top glamorous {on the inside}, don't you think?

This will be one of those pieces that I use closed up for storage or opened up... to make whatever is inside look even more beautiful.

Right now I am getting my hats, scarves and mittens out for the season. I don't have a space cleared for them in the mudroom quite yet. They'll be happy to be tucked away in this pretty package for a while. I often use my vintage luggage as a temporary home for things around the house and also for seasonal decor collected before it's time to be displayed. You can see an example of fall's suitcase full of  autumn leaves here.

 Remember to look for beauty where it counts... on the inside!

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