January 19, 2011

Color of the Year {Theirs} Will You Use It?

I know Pantone has made their selection for color of the year, and as a graphic designer, I respect their choice and I'm sure I'll be seeing it everywhere.

To break it down simply, it's pink.  And we know that's been a very popular color for the romantic style of decor--for many years, really.  Is it going in my house?  Probably only as an accent here and there.  Walls will not be painted Honeysuckle. If I was lucky enough to have my dream closet, something like this... well, I wouldn't think twice about Honeysuckle for the walls. So flattering to the skin tone!

If my office was larger and it could accommodate a sofa, I might pick this one. It's got a vintage/modern vibe to it. Plus it's velvet. I've got a thing for velvet furniture lately.


That sofa is kind of big though, and for a powerful color like this, I think something smaller might be in order.  Perhaps a chair.  I could  smuggle carry in the house myself.  And I love the tufting.

Pantone has also given designers a palette of accent colors to go with it. I've made a little canvas of some of them below. I'll definitely be using these in my print and web projects. I especially love the bright yellow-green and charcoal with this color.

However, my choice for color of the year is completely different.  It might already be many of yours as well.  I think you'll love it.  Care to guess?

I am choosing....  {check back tomorrow for the reveal!} Pin It!
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