February 1, 2013

Pretty Little Lipstick Display {Thrift Shop Wine Coaster}

A trip to the thrift shop to donate some clothing and household goods was rewarded with a trip through the aisles to check for two of my favorite finds... crystal and silver.

I had been looking for a way to corral my lipsticks on my vanity in a way that would make the labels visible and still look nice. I have a silver wine coaster that I use to hold my Yankee Candles that would fit the bill, but I wanted to find another so I didn't have to take that one out of candle commission.

When I spotted this crystal wine coaster in the aisles of a local Goodwill, I knew it would do the job {beautifully}.

I like to keep my makeup out on the vanity where it is handy for the early morning race out the front door to work. With the labels facing up it will make my lipstick choice a little easier. I've got quite the collection of shades, don't I? They vary between samples, department and drugstore finds.

And now they have a sweet little container to rest in!

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