October 6, 2011

Vintage Wooden Printer's Block Type {It's Beautiful}

I had a great day at work the other day. Really all of them are pretty great, I truly love my job. I am a graphic artist and I get paid to be creative.Tthe people I work with are nice and the atmosphere is inspiring.

So when I 'had' to go pick out vintage wooden printer's blocks for some signage, of course I had a smile on my face. 

A day on the job, getting paid for checking out some antiques, playing with vintage type... um, yeah, it was a fun day.

Aren't these letters great? The blocks are color stained from use in days gone by... and in their "dirty" form are quite beautiful. The colors are rich and beautiful.

Thousands of letters to choose from, all in different sizes and type styles and colors.

I brought my camera from home to bring along as I knew there would be some beautiful images to be had.

Love this huge E... if only my name was Elizabeth or Emily. The symbols are pretty fun, too.

Has the name Emily every looked so pretty? Yes, the L is backwards.... it has to be that way to print properly and you can't exactly flip it like you can the other letters. It contributes to the interest in the groupings I think.

The woman who owns the business attends the Printers Row fair each year. Wouldn't these make great gifts?

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