October 10, 2011

Spooky {Not Scary} Halloween Mantel

I decorated my fireplace mantel for Halloween a little differently this year.... it's a little darker, minimally orange and just a {tiny}bit spooky!

The inspiration started with these birds I found at the craft store. They're a little smaller than what I have typically seen, but their big attraction to me was the glitter {love glitter}.

I decided to bring out my vintage window frame, leave up the silver vase and bare branches from my early autumn mantel, and add a few other touches with items I already owned.

The Empire kitty treat bucket from my Goodwill Halloween Shop debut shopping spree is a perfect dark accent, perched upon a stack of  books from the library's used book shop. The books were chosen simply for their titles to use in Halloween decor and get packed away each year with my other decorations.

The candlesticks were a thrift store purchase and the jack-o-lantern candles are from various flea market trips. It was fun to find identical candle jars over a period of years; three is the perfect number for decorating.

A black ceramic kitty from a trip to Iowa to see my girls comes out only at this time of year and is a good addition for the black and white decor trend this year. I always manage to have a bit of time to stop at the thrift and antique stores in their college town.

The birds are the only new purchase for this Halloween mantel. All the other items were plucked from my holiday storage bins or stash of  trusty decor basics. I love mixing old and new to come up with a fresh look each year.
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