August 19, 2011

The Beauty is in the Bones {Start Decorating Here}

So many times when we think of redecorating a room we think of paint, fabric, furniture and accessories. When I saw this picture, I realized the beauty is in the bones and this is where we should start our quest for that beautiful room.

From the book, Modern Space by Jane Withers, photos by Christoph Kicherer

It's stark... with the only furniture a chair. I don't even like this chair, but it doesn't matter. The most beautiful thing is the light... the soft light through the sheers and that fabulous, glamorous crystal chandelier.

The fireplace is lovely... but not essential. The containers on either side of it and the orchid are pretty too, but they are not the star. It's the light and the pale beauty of the "uncolor" of the neutrals. The wood flooring is simple and beautiful; it doesn't really matter it's exact shade. Keep the "bones" of the room simple... the walls, the flooring and the window coverings; they are the canvas to build upon. Add one amazing star for the eye to savor... this crystal chandelier. After that, does it really matter what else you add?

The next time I begin with a blank canvas of a room, I will start with pale, neutral walls, wood floors, sheer draperies and most importantly, a fabulous crystal chandelier. If you cover the top portion of the picture with your hand so that the chandelier doesn't show.... the room simply does not have the impact that it does when you include the crystal light fixture. Start here... you can't go wrong!

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