August 18, 2011

You are Looking Fabulous! {House Beautiful Magazine}

I hadn't looked at House Beautiful Magazine in years. Of course I knew of it; it just seemed that the decor pictured in it wasn't something I would want to emulate. All that has changed.

Check out these images from the March 2011 issue. I've been picking up House Beautiful Magazine at the library... anxiously awaiting each issue as it becomes available.

 Now that I have exhausted the library's stock of the last 12 months' issues... I am now, a fan. Even better, I am a subscriber! Even though I may not choose to purchase the $2000 chair or $4000 headboard, I know exactly how to get the look... for a fraction of the price.

I wish I could find this March 2011 issue for sale somewhere... I have renewed it from the library three times; that's the limit... and I would still enjoy turning it's pages. The focus is on pink... in accessories and paint, and they give lots of paint suggestions by brand and name.

I became a subscriber for the inspiration... and to enjoy the large and glossy pictures in each issue. I turned to the web for inspiration over a year ago as I wasn't seeing decor that I liked in magazines. That is beginning to change. I still find amazing rooms on the web; perhaps the magazines are just catching up to the trends that have blossomed through blogs! Where do you turn for decorating inspiration... and just where do you think the trends begin these days?

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