February 9, 2011

A Vintage Valentine: Basket of Forget-Me-Nots & Hearts {Too Sweet}

Made a quick trip to Wisconsin for some antiquing and thrifting this past weekend and couldn't pass up picking up some more vintage Valentine cards. That's the one good thing about collecting paper goods--they don't take up a lot of room! Plus, I can scan them & use them lots of different ways for crafts without wrecking the originals. I love the colors in this one--periwinkle blue, pink and red, with a cute little basket!

You can see all the other vintage Valentine's I've posted by clicking here. I hope to remove the message on this card in Photoshop to be able to add other messages. Would you like me to post that image it if I do?  Though it's in the single digits here, the sun is shining where I live {sigh}. Have a lovely day!


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