January 7, 2011

Valentine Decor... Think Outside the {Vintage Candy} Box

I'm not sure when I bought my first vintage Valentine candy box, but my {tiny}collection is made up of at least one box that could be considered vintage, and the others, not so much. But that's okay {with me at least}. I enjoy all of them.

This one above, is obviously not that old. But sometimes, if I'm at a flea market, and I don't find any pretty vintage boxes, and a pretty modern box is marked $1... well, it finds it's way into my little cart.

 I look for all the girly things, like pretty satin bows.

This one above was all about the box itself... velvet! I overlooked the tacky bow and plastic flower.

Oops... and this tacky plastic flower. Actually, the two boxes above are small, about 5 inches or so, so I think that was the reason I bought them. I like to have a variety of sizes in groupings.

 This one is so different from the rest... it's beige in color, has a beautiful satin flower and a pretty ribbon trimmed with gold. Yup, it's the oldest one; and my favorite.

So how do I decorate with these pretties? I haven't set up any pretty vignettes as of yet. I'm just playing with them at the moment. I'll stack them here and there, set a few on the mantel or side table; all that is yet to come {so check back, won't you?}.

If you've peeked into the corners of these photos you've seen some of my Christmas baubles that I have left out... intentionally... because they're pink and red {and shiny}.

Here's my idea for melding my holiday treasures... I think you'll like it.

There's no calories involved in my version of Valentine candy boxes...

Because of course you can't eat them. But who cares? We're talking holiday decorations here. I just left the hangers on them {like a fish, I only see the shiny things... not the hooks}.

Do you have vintage or vintage-inspired Valentine decor? I'd love to see it; link up at the top of my page to share!

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