October 24, 2010

A Cup Full of Autumn Memories

I get just as much enjoyment out of unpacking my holiday decorations as I do setting them out or walking past them when they finally take their place around my home. Because of course, I am unpacking the memories they trigger as well.

I found these Halloween dishes, plastic jack-o-lantern mugs to be specific, years ago when my children were little. I think they were 99 cents each, and most likely were on sale for even less. The kids always enjoyed our holiday decorations, and these mugs were practical...  we used them a week or so before Halloween with snacks or hot cocoa after an afternoon at the park or outside playing with friends. Hot cocoa was a seasonal treat and I made it with milk on the stove top {yum}. I was so concerned about too much sugar and sweets in those days but if I had to do it again, I would add whipped cream with orange sprinkles {double yum}.

My children are in their late teens and early 20s now, but I have saved the mugs and each year bring them out with the other Halloween decorations. I set them up on a little tray and they never fail to make me smile.
I asked my son recently if he remembered using them when he was little. He smiled back at me, I think knowing the pleasure his response would give me... "Yeah, mom, of course,"  he said.

Maybe I'll restart the tradition and serve him a cup of coffee this time in our little pumpkin mugs... just for grins {and of course, the memories}.

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