June 5, 2012

Family Room Reveal & French Inspiration at STL Wednesday

This week's features have a theme... they are all fabulous, and three of them are French-inspired! Click on the titles to check out the full posts. 

 There's lots of beautiful elements in this room reveal and just a few of them are pictured below. The rest of the room can be seen over at Eclectically Vintage! I appreciate all that goes into a full room reveal. Every corner needs to be "just so" and looking open-house best. This reveal is all that and so, so pretty.

This step stool had a cute shape to begin with but now it's definitely worthy of leaving out... no need to put it away with the paint job and decoupage technique! The graphic is available to all... check it out at Hooked on Decorating!

My Heart's Song - French Label

A little modge podge, a thrifted bottle and lavender for inspiration makes a pretty vase. Easy enough to reproduce in quantity for the perfect place setting favor. Check out the full tutorial over at My Heart's Song.

Heaven's Walk - French Style Tray 

Another beautiful and easy to do project is this orphan drawer turned serving tray. I love the addition of the French graphic and the washed-look paint finish. I often see single drawers at the flea market--now I know just how to use them! The full tutorial is over at Heaven's Walk.

Looking forward to seeing all that you link up this week. I have been hemming some new Ikea curtains for my kitchen doors. They're a pretty neutral textured fabric and I've moved the curtain rod up to the ceiling to add some drama to the finished look. The curtains are 108 inches long... nice for tall ceilings, and they are made so that you can choose your length. They are so affordable--I'm thinking of using them in my living room as well as I s-l-o-w-l-y continue to lighten up my decorating palette. As soon as I get them finished I'll snap a few pictures to share them with you!

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