April 1, 2012

A New Favorite Home Decorating Book: "Patina Style"

I have found some fabulous decorating books I want to share with you. Keep in mind that I don't buy many books. I work at a library and bring home lots of books each week to read. So when I find a book that is home library worthy, it's got to be something special.

The first book is called Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti, a husband and wife team of interior designer and architect. Neutral colors, vintage furniture and accessories with texture and a patina only time can bestow.

Unique ideas like this small closet turned into decorative showcase are an example of what you'll find throughout the book.

Image photographed from the book Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti

The colors portray a mostly neutral palette. I've been slowly painting and decorating my way to this type of a palette in my.own home and the book is a great guide. When items of bold color are used, they are easily moved accessory pieces, placed where they can truly shine.

Image  photographed from the book Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti 
This room above combines a small dining table and generous amounts of furniture for seating.  Everything is gorgeous, vintage and artfully placed. The picture looks better in the book, I was photographing it near a window and there's a bit of a reflection on the page.

Image  photographed  from the book Patina Style by Brooke Giannetti and Steve Giannetti
The above photo is Brooke's office. Isn't it gorgeous? There are many layers of beauty to each room. I went back to different pages many times and discovered another new beautiful element I didn't see the first time. I hope you get a chance to look through the pages of the book yourself. 

For more inspiration, if you haven't discovered it already, check out her blog, Velvet and Linen. Here's the link to purchase the book on Amazon.

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Disclaimer:  The link to Amazon for the book that appears above is the same link that appears on the Velvet & Linen blog by Brooke Giannetti. There has been no compensation for this review. Pin It!
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