November 6, 2011

Pretty Little {Thrifted} Glasses

I have been cleaning out my cabinets and basement the past few weeks. I've made at least three trips each to Goodwill and the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Of course I couldn't stop without taking a peek inside to see if there were any fabulous finds waiting for me. Considering I only came home with something once from each place, I wasn't feeling too guilty.

I have two of these glasses already and my favorite part is the little "crystal ball" on the stem. I had found them at a thrift store several years ago and hadn't seen anything similar since that time. They have the ring of crystal when tapped but I have no idea of their maker. If you know anything about them, please let me know!

I have some beautiful Waterford glasses, but am always nervous about using them for anything but the most special occasions. These pretties will work well for other days. I had a few plain glass stems and decided to donate them to the Goodwill on my next trip so that I could make room for these darling glasses with a bit of sparkle to them {gotta have a little sparkle}.

I was feeling rather lucky that I found 10 in perfect condition at the Goodwill.  I was thinking of just picking up six to make a set of eight, and then I decided to grab the other four to make an even set of twelve. My daughter loves the design of them as well, so if  I decide I have too many, I know she will take them. I have made the mistake before of leaving part of a set behind with the silver punch cups I found. I changed my mind, went back and of course, the remaining pieces were gone. Lesson learned: if you love it, buy it. Most likely, it won't be there if you change your mind later!

Many boxes out of the house for charity... only one small one back in. Not too bad!
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