September 2, 2011

Goodwill Hunting {Halloween Shop Opens}

I stopped at the Goodwill shop in my area today to drop off some clothing and household goods for donation. Of course I had to stop in the store and see what was new. Today was the first day the Halloween Shop was open according to the sign on the window. They must have had a storage unit full of Halloween items. There were racks and racks of costumes, home decor and on top of every rack throughout the store were plastic pumpkins!

I picked up a few; I like to send one to each of my daughters at college as Halloween nears, filled with goodies from home. I always look for something a little different and not too big. I found three to bring home (even though I only needed two). Yes, some may think it's early to be posting about Halloween, but if you are looking for vintage, now's the time to shop. If you'd like to see all my Halloween posts, click HERE.

I think I will keep the kitty bucket. It was made by Empire Plastics, a maker of many plastic blow-mold figurines through the years. They are no longer in business. As I was taking photos of this bucket that tongue reminded me of an earlier post I did featuring one of my golden's "smiling"

Each of these buckets were marked 49 cents. I also came home with a few{much} larger pieces... {couldn't help myself, they were so cute!} they need to be cleaned upa bit and then I'll share them in a future post. Happy hunting!

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