September 13, 2011

Fall in the City & Share the Love Wednesday Link Party!

Chicago... so close and yet... why am I not there more? Seriously. I live 40 minutes away--tops. When I am there, I love it. The hustle and bustle, the walk to whatever you need, and the architecture.... that's my favorite thing about Chicago.

They just don't build 'em like they used to. The stone, the bricks, the wrought iron (I love the wrought iron). The curves... the points... it's majestic, in a way.

The towers... the trim... In the midst of it all, it's fall. These are from the north side, within walking distance of the Apollo Theater.

Talk about decorating historical beauty with the colors of fall. I have to admit... it's a fabulous stage. Keep in mind I live in the suburbs. I realize however, my town is a baby compared to Chicago; and it shows.  Do I want to live in Chicago? It wouldn't suit my life at the moment; I like working close to home, enjoy my garden and yard where the my golden retrievers play rough and tumble tag.

I enjoy visiting, dreaming about what it might be like to live in these fabulous buildings. What flowers would I put on the stairs... what type of decorations would I place in the windows for the holidays?

There is pride in this neighborhood. Flowers, pumpkins and little just-right-sized gardens. All these items are accessories of the well-dressed fall home in the city.

These are actually phone pictures from last fall. One of them made it's way into my header and I couldn't let the rest of them lie undiscovered and unshared. I must go back... Nikon in tow!

Without further delay... let's get the party started! I have a few more pictures to gather for my features from last week. I'll spotlight those in another post. A few requests: Link up... look around at the other links. Grab a button from my sidebar and have fun!

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