July 20, 2011

Goodwill Hunting Success: Vintage Silver Punch Cups

I visited a Goodwill store a few towns over recently and was pleasantly surprised at their offerings. My theme seemed to be silver & gold... just about everything I picked up sported a metallic finish.

My favorite finds were these little silver punch cups. I left a few for the next shopper, but was so tempted to bring them all home. Seriously... are they not the sweetest things? Even if I didn't have another use in mind for them their cute curly handles and petite size would make me happy stacked on a shelf.

They've found a home in my laundry area of all places. Tucked inside some simple glass canisters that hold my two favorite laundry boosters, Oxiclean and Borax, I've repurposed the punch cups as scoops.

So much prettier than the plastic measuring cups that come with the product, or even the stainless kitchen measuring cups I've used in the past.

A girl has to have some fun on laundry day... these pretty little silver plate cups make mine a bit more enjoyable. I have one of the high efficiency washing machines now, so my detergent has to be liquid. The containers for the detergent are not at all attractive... big orange or blue jugs. Those will have to stay tucked into my cabinet for now... unless you have some ideas for me... hmmmm?

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