May 3, 2013

Vintage Bikes as Garden Decor

There's something whimsical about a vintage bike. And if you paint it a fun color and add a container or basket for planting it brings on the happiness even more.

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Who cares if the tires are flat or the wheels are rusted? In the garden, these things don't matter. Perhaps the spokes will hold a pretty climber like clematis or morning glory.

A basket or two added to the front, back or sides makes it even more functional for planting.

Don't fret if the bike doesn't stand up on it's stand anymore. Simply lean it against a shed, a sturdy tree or fence to blend it into your garden space.

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Even suspended on a brick wall, it's beauty is apparent and unexpected. And it still manages to hold a basket of blooms.

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I am anxious to get in the garden this weekend. I may need to stop at the thrift shop first to capture this look!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is filled with fun and whimsy.

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