September 17, 2012

Fall on the Deck {Yay!}

The temperature is dropping (at least at night) and the leaves are falling. Fall is my favorite time of year. Still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors and a bit of a chill so that I can wear my sweaters.

I seem to push the limits on moving from season to season. I've already unpacked my sweaters and hung them in the closet, and moved my shorts into that same zippered case that held the sweaters. This past weekend, I bought a pumpkin; well, really, I bought two pumpkins. One for the front yard and one for the back deck.

Although the neighbors and passerby can enjoy the pumpkin in the front, I don't see it much from inside my home. I have a sweet little spot out on the back deck where I like to enjoy my coffee in the morning with a little table and chairs. I like to seasonally decorate the table in the fall and winter. Right now, this beautiful bright pumpkin fits the bill. As if the trees were responding to my call for Fall, they have sent down some pretty yellow leaves to surround it. It's not quite as elaborate as the lake house I shared with you a few years ago here, but it will do.

It's such a simple thing, that orange pumpkin that is the centerpiece of my view from where I spend most of my time (the kitchen). But it brings me such joy.

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