October 13, 2010

An Impromptu Pumpkin Party

Our fall trip to the lake included a drive into town to pick up some pumpkins and gourds.. Instead of putting them in the car for the trip home the next day, I put them on the back deck and had some fun arranging a little pumpkin party {yes, I am easily amused}!

I really went out there to empty the summer planters, but I liked the vine part of the pot that was on the table so I just pulled out the other flowers. I plopped the pumpkin on top and it worked out quite nicely, I think.

I brought in the rest of the gourds and placed them around the larger pumpkin amidst the flower vines. Next, I picked up a few of the leaves on the deck and sprinkled them on the table for a bit more color.The older I get, the more I like leaving some of the leaves on the deck {for color, of course--it has nothing to do with the labor that would be involved with removing them... well, maybe a bit}.

A pie pumpkin and pretty bi-color gourd were part of the sideline fun... lined up along the edge of the deck.

A beautiful orange canopy of trees framed the view. Very inspiring!

And of course, just like almost every photo shoot, my puppy is following me, trying to hone in on the fun.

 I put up with her shenanigans, but then I usually try to have a little fun with her as well, as you can see below. .... and I make her pose. She really is a very good model. Of course, she thinks this pumpkin is a ball.


On another part of the deck, a pretty pumpkin in the middle of several adirondack chairs gives a simple arrangement of chairs a festive fall touch.

This one would be a little hard to move but still looks kind of tempting...

Try this on your patio or deck... so pretty to look out your back window and see your own little pumpkin garden party.

And when you are done, grab a cup of hot cider, enjoy your surroundings and the beauty of this colorful season!

Adirondack chairs: Home Depot
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