January 23, 2012

Romantic White and Industrial Chic Dining Sets {I like them both}

How is it that I can like both of these dining room sets? One is pure industrial chic; functional, hard lined and cold metal. The other set is soft and padded ivory, curvy in every detail?

Perhaps it is because they are both so very neutral in their own way. Could it have something to do with the added accessories atop the second table that softens it up a bit?

 The industrial chic table would be perfect in a workroom or kitchen. I like it, but it doesn't look comfortable enough for lingering conversation after dinner. The pretty white set would be the glamorous star in a formal dining room. With it's padded seats and curvy details it says "stay a while," enjoy this special event.

Have you ever found yourself drawn to two very different types of furniture or decor? I am truly, one of eclectic taste!
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