January 19, 2012

Painting Vintage Books {Why Not?}

Once I have the paintbrush out and in use, everything is fair game. I'm currently painting a dining room set and as I was working on yet another curvy leg of a dining chair my thoughts drifted to a a small stack of books I picked up at the library's used book store.

I have a lot of vintage books... my favorite are the textured cloth covers. Some are pretty, some are not. Some I buy for the color, some for the title, some for their yellowed pages, some for the illustrations.

I picked up this particular book just because it was bound in cloth and cheap, and the pages were kind of yellow. It was my chance to experiment with painting books! Since I had the creamy white paint out and the brush and roller wet, I went to work.

I did put a coat of primer/sealer on it, only because I had it out for my other project and thought it might speed things along. I followed with two coats of paint (applied with a foam roller). Easy project!

I shopped my bin of Valentine bits and bobs to find something to top this project off with...

A sweet glittered garland will do!

sig trans



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