May 28, 2011

Painting My Vintage Suitcases {Testing Annie Sloane Chalk Paint - Part 1}

I picked up these suitcases several months ago at the thrift store. I use suitcases to store craft supplies, filing, fabric and tablecloths... whatever I need to put under wraps to keep things looking neat.

This pair is quite a bit newer than many of the suitcases I own, but the idea was the same and at just a few dollars each, the price couldn't be beat. Although the olive green isn't too bad, I've been thinking about giving them a coat of paint.... white paint.

Not just any white paint either. These suitcases are going to be introduced to Annie Sloane Chalk Paint. One of the touted advantages of this paint is that no special surface preparation is necessary before painting. We'll see how that works out on these vintage beauties. Check back for their transformation next week!

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