April 11, 2011

Label Crazy: Making Everyday Products Beautiful


I buy the liter size shampoo and conditioner at Ulta when they go on sale. Problem is, I don't have room in my shower to store these monsters. They are also quite heavy and awkward to use on a daily basis. I could have purchased the smaller size of the products and refilled them from the larger bottles, but the expense of those small bottles was quite high and I knew there was a more practical (and beautiful) solution!

I made little labels that I print out and run through my little 5" Xyron machine filled with adhesive laminate. I found these plastic bottles at the Container Store that work perfectly for my needs. They are simple and functional, and with the labels attached, much better looking than the liter-size shampoo bottles.!

These bottles are actually for my shower but they look quite sweet on this tray by the tub. Of course a silver tray helps anything look better! 
 For a printable version of labels, go to my printables page. The pictured labels are a little different as I used a shaped craft punch to cut mine. I wanted to make sure you could use the document even if you didn't have a punch.
I have also made a set of blue because when my girls come home from college there is simply not enough room in their bathroom for all their lotions and potions. My son has his own set of products (a bit more manly-scented of course) and so I put his products in the blue labeled bottles and the girls' products in the pink labeled bottles.

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