January 10, 2011

She Stole My Heart {Golden Puppy Love}

My golden {retriever} girl Breeze is the most photographed model on this blog. Okay, she is really the only model for this blog. Most of the time, I can't complain... after all, she will pose with props, get excited about a photo session, and I only have to pay her with a few dog biscuits; even a game of fetch or a walk will suffice.

So things were going really well. The model was paying attention, sitting nicely and even had a rather nice pose. I decided to see if she would put the heart in her mouth {of course she would, she is after all a retriever} and stay sitting {this part is questionable}.

That lasted   two seconds  for about five pictures; blurry pictures. This isn't totally a bad thing. I am kind of liking blurry pictures lately. Seriously.

However, blurry pictures with Breeze tend to mean that my game {photo session} was now over and her game {keep away} was now underway.

Generally I do not partake in this game. If I do, it only makes things worse, and then she tries to play more often. It is a very fun game {for her}. Plus, she is very fast. However, she had my {vintage} heart. My little, five-inch, sweet velvet heart. And, she has big teeth.

So now I have to give her more biscuits in hopes she will let go of my heart {never}. Of course you can see I am still shooting photos while bribing dog.

You can tell she knows she is doing the opposite of what she's supposed to be doing because she closes her eyes. In the end, I got the heart back. It was a little worse for the wear with a few tooth marks here and there but the top is okay so no one will see the marks. Looking back, I guess it was kind of fun... I really didn't get too mad...

I got some great photos {remember, I like blurry photos}.
And you know as well as I do...
this day and the next...
she will always have my heart.

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