September 24, 2010

A Pretty & Thrifty Reminder to Take my Vitamins

 I don't know about you, but I have so many things I do in the morning that I often forget to take my multi-vitamin. I was leaving them out on the counter for a while, but while I love the product, let's face it... this bottle is not very pretty.

 I found this vintage Lavoris mouthwash bottle at a tag sale this summer, and decided it was just the thing to help me out with this task. It is little, and it has a beautiful star engraved on the sides {bling! of course, that's what sold me}along with a stopper-top that will keep the bottle nicely sealed.

It looks so cute out on my counter, right where I can see it to remember to take my vitamins in the morning.

Another daughter went off to college this fall, and I gave it to her in the hopes she would remember to take her vitamin as well. She likes some vintage things. When I asked her recently if she was remembering to take them, she said, "sometimes." Ugh.... well, a mom's gotta try, right?

And, wouldn't you know, I found another bottle just like the one I gave her. So now I have one back on my counter... {bling!}

I don't know anything about the bottle, it's history or it's worth, but I only spent a few dollars on each bottle. Now I have to find one for my other daughter.... which is really fine because it gives me something to be on the lookout for, and another excuse to keep on thrifting... one of my favorite things!

P.S.  Of course this storage method shouldn't be used in houses with young children as someone commented!

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