March 6, 2013

Amazing {and Inexpensive} Nature Photography Course

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and practice my photography skills. Imagine my surprise when I found a three-hour photography course from my local forest preserve district for just $20. Yes, $20.

All of the photos in this post are from Flickr users JanetandPhil. They have an amazing collection of photos posted on Flickr that were taken at various Lake County Forest Preserve properties about 45 minutes north of Chicago. I was captivated by their beautiful photos, one of which was tagged with information about a previous photography class offering.


It took less than a minute for me to open the forest preserve website and enter "photography" in the site search box.  It must be my lucky day. The course, "Phenology and Photography," is going to be offered again in April.  Taught by a forest preserve staff naturalist and a professional photographer, the three-hour course geared toward "serious amateur photographers" promises to be an adventure of the best kind. The opportunity to hone my photography skills and a day spent outside in the beauty of local forest preserves.

I don't expect to come away with photos like these immediately. It may take years. But this course is certainly one step closer to the goal.

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