December 19, 2012

Merry, Merry Kitchen Tree {Vintage Style}

I have set up a small Christmas tree in my kitchen dining room for the last few years. Rather than save the Christmas decor for only the more formal rooms in the house, I can enjoy the holiday lights while I am whipping up a batch of holiday cookies or a quick meal.

I have a larger tree in the family room, but that is not visible while I'm unloading the dishwasher or doing other glamorous chores that must be done every day. It's a small way of keeping the holiday spirit in view during the busiest days of the year.

This tree is just about ten years old, but it has a vintage vibe to it, especially after I've added some tiny vintage Christmas ornaments, glass bead garland and a sweet little frosted tree topper. Under the tree I've created yet another little glitter {Putz} house village. I've kept the color scheme red, white and pink this year. That way, when the tree is still up in mid-January, I can say it's a Valentine-themed tree and I am actually way ahead in decorating for the next holiday {lol}.

Seriously, this little tree village is the last decoration to come down in my house. Particularly when the cold dark days of winter settle in and most of the decorations have been packed away, this little tree brings a little light to the kitchen. The season passes so quickly. Shouldn't the holiday sparkle continue just a little bit longer?

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