November 1, 2012

Storing Geraniums for Spring Rebloom

When cleaning out my potted plants before the really cold weather arrives, I decided to snip all the remaining blooms (and a few snapdragons from the garden as well) and enjoy them in a pretty blue Bell jar.

Typically I leave the geraniums in the pots to enjoy for the summer. As winter approaches, a pretty bouquet on the table seems a fitting farewell.

I found some really beautiful plants this past spring, and I'm going to do a little experiment and see if I can store them over the winter and bring them back into bloom next year. I found a few different methods online, and decided to stick with the simplest one that involved shaking off the dirt from the roots, putting the plants in a paper bag and storing them in a cool location. Right now I have them in the garage, but it may get too cold in there later in the winter. Some of the sites said to pull the plants out and soak the roots for an hour once a month.

I may end up with sacks of dead plants, but I figured I would give it a try. Have you ever heard of overwintering geraniums in paper bags or have any tips for success?

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