November 12, 2012

Pretty {Vintage} Christmas Icicles

Check out these vintage Christmas plastic icicles I found at the flea market. I haven't seen these large icicles before. I have lots of the smaller, thinner, glow in the dark icicles. There were 18 of them, and the sweet vendor gave them all to me for $3. They are in great shape.

I think they'll make a nice addition to my new white flocked tree. They'll add just a little more sparkle, and you can never have enough sparkle!

This picture below shows both sides of them. One is clear and the other has a mirror finish. They are really different.

I'm getting anxious to begin gathering up my Christmas decorations. I don't want to put them out yet... just look through them and see what I have; that's half the fun of decorating anyway!

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