November 15, 2012

Fun at the Flea {Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree}

This sweet vintage ceramic Christmas tree caught my eye at the flea market last weekend (and of course ended up coming home with me). I went to the market on the last day of the event. The vendor said many people had looked at the tree and passed it by.

Maybe it was the dust mixed in with the glitter, the little berry tree topper (below) that had come unglued, or the broken light fixture... all totally fixable. It was a great deal and will be perfect on my desk at work or maybe here at home, where it awaits repairs.

The flea market is so enjoyable to me because I can spend so little money, enjoy the sights of all the vintage treasures, and bring some little bits home to admire. And if I tire of them, I know that by donating them to Goodwill, they'll find another person to love them (for a little while).

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