October 25, 2012

Vintage Christmas Cards {Repurposed}

I have a great collection of beautiful vintage Christmas cards. I enjoy the hunt at flea markets and antique shops, looking for the images that catch my eye. Many times it's a deer, jolly Santa, cute puppy or pink or white Christmas tree that catches my eye. All of the cards have one thing in common--beautiful graphics and {still} gorgeous colors.

They don't print cards like they used to. I don't know if it is the paper or the inks, but the color on these cards is stunning. Many times a photo or scan of them to put online just doesn't do them justice.

Another hobby {it's a long list...} I have is making handmade greeting cards. One of my favorite techniques is to take the images from vintage greeting cards and use them in my new creations.

I had the pleasure of teaching a paper crafting class recently, and here are two of the cards we made using vintage greeting card images. (You can see a tutorial for of the paper rosette magnets we made HERE). The graphics add such a touch of whimsy to the cards. I always seem to add a touch of glitter to every card as well.

If you have a blog or Pinterest board that features vintage greeting cards or new cards you have made using vintage greeting card images... do share in a comment--I'd love to be inspired by your creations!

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