October 16, 2012

Halloween & Christmas Magnet Tutorial

Here's some fun little projects included in a local paper crafting class I am teaching at my local library. They are super easy and fast to make. These magnets will be fun for tiny gifts or even to use as bows on top of your holiday packages. You can also use them as embellishment to a greeting card.

You will need:
  • 2-3 sheets of scrapbook paper
  • Glue Gun (turn it on so it's ready)
  • 3/4" circle magnets (mine are pretty heavy duty, don't get the floppy sheets)
  • Glue
  • Two circle or scalloped circle punches, 1 1/2" and 1" or 3/4" inch

The reindeer magnet was made with 3 different sheets of scrapbook paper. You could pick any red print, any green print (mine has a bit of glitter on it, which really adds some sparkle) and then any type of center image. This was cut from a piece of scrapbook paper by Reminisce called, "Wish List." It is two sided, but the best part on the reindeer side is that are these tiny little reindeer--about 50 of them, on one sheet! 

Depending on how many of these you want to make, you can either score the paper every half-inch first if you have a score board and then cut the paper into 1x12 inch strips. If you are only making one, or don't have a score board, then cut the paper into the strips and then fold it by hand (accordion style) to half-inch folds. 

Punch the green (or center piece) paper with a 1 1/2" scalloped circle punch, and the deer head with a 1" or 3/4" scalloped or circle punch. If you turn the punch upside down when you punch the deer paper you can see exactly where you will be cutting... so you don't chop off the deer's ear!

Fold the 12" strip accordion style and bring the two edges together with a piece of tape or glue. I like using regular tape, just butting the two edges together and not overlapping. You can put tape on both sides if you like.

Then put the circle on edge on a table and push it down in the center. It will pop into a little medallion shape. Make sure the wrong side is facing you and the red side is on the table, Hold it with one hand in this shape and then drop a 1/2" dot of hot glue in the center of the wrong side and push the magnet on top and down. Hold the magnet there until the glue has hardened.

Use regular (or hot) glue to adhere the larger circle to the center of the right side of your scallop. Put a small 1/2" 3D foam dot on the back of the reindeer head and adhere it to the green circle.

That's it! Here's another one I made with Halloween colors. I added a little black cat (by Jolee's) to the center for some sparkle.

You can make these for every holiday or occasion. My daughter made a pink ribbon magnet to take to her office. They would also be cute little party favors for any occasion.
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