October 8, 2012

A Sweeet & Simple Fall Mantel

My fall mantel decorations had to be pretty easy this year as my mobility is still a bit limited after the bunion surgery. I gathered a few things from the basement and tried to keep things simple (as in one trip down the stairs mainly made to change the furnace filter).

I started with the vintage window piece I picked up an art fair a few years ago. It used to hang in my office year round as I loved the verse it was decorated with. I added the brown wired lights after I bought it; I can never resist adding a little sparkle to things!

I feel I need candles all around the house as the weather turns cold, so the hurricanes were a must. The gold candles have been changed out since I took the pictures for some smaller egglplant ones.

The fall silks and stems have such a muted, aged color to them. The artist that put it together used beautiful supplies.

The leaves scattered about began as a silk fall bouquet but I snipped them apart to look like fallen leaves. I don't know if they were originally folded like this or if they have just been crushed after being packed away each year but I like the realistic effect.

Now if I can just figure out how to run the cord through the entertainment center to an outlet, I'll be done with this project. Note to self... perhaps an outlet on the top of the mantel would be handy!

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