September 23, 2012

Pumpkin Style {Fall Porch Decoration Idea}

I showed you the pumpkin on the back deck the other day, but the one I was most excited about dressing up was the one I have in the front porch.

This little bit of Pumpkin Style is a new way of dressing up my front porch for fall. I actually copied the idea from a house I passed on my way to the north woods of Wisconsin a few weeks ago. I love passing the houses in Clintonville and Antigo on Highway 45. There are some gorgeous vintage homes (and some new) that always seem to embrace the season in style. 

 I wish I would have taken a picture, but I was driving so that was out of the question. Instead, I made sure to take a good look on the way back home and did my best to recreate the fall container idea.

It's very simple.... a large pumpkin surrounded by a tee-pee of cornstalks and accessorized with some fall leaf garland from Michael's. I emptied out some of the dirt and put the pumpkin on top of a small black flowerpot I stuck in the base rather then set it on the dirt hoping the pumpkin would last a bit longer if it wasn't sitting in the moist earth. I used three 6 foot bamboo stakes from Home Depot and pushed them into the base of the pot and used a rubberband to tie them together at the top. I then divided my cornstalk bunch into three piles and used wire to attach each bunch to one of the bamboo stakes. The two leaf garlands were wound around the stalks and wired in place, saving a bit for the back stake and the base of the pot.

I hope it holds up through the season; I figured keeping it on the covered porch might help. I hope you like this idea... passed on from a very cute house in Wisconsin... to me.... to you!
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P.S. I had some minor surgery on my foot earlier in the week and made sure I had plenty of pictures in my camera to hold me over for blogging while I am camped out on the couch. I did some nesting before the surgery like stocking the refrigerator, cleaning floors, getting laundry done, etc... But perhaps only the similarly decor and style- obsessed of you will understand that my nesting activities included gathering a few pumpkins and creating a fall decoration on the porch!

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