September 7, 2012

Hey Santa {Vintage Christmas Card}

For those of you who have  not visited this blog before, I have a huge collection of vintage Christmas cards. This particular Santa card has been shared in a group photo before, but never by itself  and never as a whole image. It's one of my favorite cards. His jolly face is just too sweet.

Yes, it's only September and I know I am jumping the gun on the holiday season. However, I know there are those of you out there planning for the holidays and crafters who are looking for holiday images all year long. I'll be featuring at least one Christmas card a week through the holidays, sometimes more. Check back often, or follow my blog here or on Facebook so you can see the latest posts.

I'll include the inside greeting for you as well. It reads:

Among the gifts that Santa brings
Here's something just for you:
A holiday filled with Christmas Cheer
And lots of gladness, too!
Merry Christmas!

Card is dated 1958 by the person who signed the card. 
Marks read:
15X 1313
Made in USA

Enjoy the card. As always, these images are from my personal vintage card collection and are for your personal, non-commercial use. If you use the image on your blog, please include a link back to Very Merry Vintage Style.

Happy weekend!
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