September 6, 2012

Golden Days at the Lake House

Is there anything more fabulous to a pair of goldens than a lake on a summer day?

Swimming, chasing a ball or a Frisbee, chewing on a stick... those are their favorite things.

 These two dogs hit the jackpot when I adopted them. Walks every day, a family who loves them and a trip to the lake every now and then. A far cry from their beginnings in life. Both dogs were adopted through As Good As Gold (AGAG), a golden retriever rescue group. Breeze came to us at age 5 months, healthy, but left outside with her two siblings in the cold Chicago winter weather. Marley was quite sick, his owners could no longer afford to care for him. Both dogs are healthy and happy, thanks to the efforts of AGAG to help them find their forever home.


Life is good. And you can bet, they were very tired at the end of the day. Bliss.... Marley & Breeze style!

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